1、Test Abilities

  Hangzhou Weide Homologation Technical Service Co., Ltd., the vehicles and parts testing center is based on the research of vehicles and componentstesting techniques, focusing on the standard research of Europeanstandards,national standards, American standards, Japanese standards and global regulations.With the complete testing process, we can certify provide the clients with high level of standard testingservices.The testing center can make use of the large testing equipment from vehicle testing agencies, relevant testing organizations and laboratories to carry out the integration testing for vehicles and components performance according to the relevant national, international standards.

  The involved products include:vehicles such as:mopeds, two-wheeled motorcycles, three-wheeled motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, karts, sightseeing vehicles, golf carts, electric vehicles, tractors, automobiles, etc., and components such as: vehicle lamp, lampbulb, various view mirrors, seat belts, seats, plastic fuel tanks, Warning triangles, tires, brake blocks, horns, automotive glass, etc.

  The testing business involves certification tests, standard conformance tests, commissioned test and the standard advices, and apart from these conventional tests we provide other various tests such as the technical evaluation tests, tests in development, projects design, selection tests and vehicle acceptance tests as well. Hangzhou Weide has a number of experiencedprofessionals,and the most advanced equipment and testing environment are setting up for the expectations of providing you with efficient testing, certification service to help your business flourish in the world.

(EU) No 168-2013 List of Motorcycle Regulations



(EU) No 167-2013 List of tractor regulations

Corrected vehicle type certification after the frame instruction(Reference(EC) No 2007-46)


  1.1 Road test Introduction

  The main instrument and equipment: ML300 motorcycle road tester, rant Asound level meter, sound calibrator, electric aerovane, non-contact infrared thermometer, barometer, thermometer,hygrometer, tachometer, etc., those testing instrument and auxiliary equipment.

  The road test mainly includes test in outdoor and verifying therelevant performance of road test. The test items include indicated value check of speedometer, vehicle running speed (minimumsteady speed, maximum speed), coasting test, acceleration performance, climbing performance, brake performance, acceleration noise, etc., providing the verification and technology services as well.

  1.2  covered site test introduction

  The main instrument and equipment that used in covered site: electronic scale, electronic counting scales, CASIOchronograph, 0-5N.m preset torque wrench, magnetic inclinometer, Column type tension sensor, tension meter, radius gauge(R1-6.5), fiber tape, air pump, rear armrest tensile test fixture, handlebar anti-theft torsioninspection device, key torsion inspection device, external projectioninspection device, two-wheeled motorcycle dimension test fixture, two-wheeled motorcycle support test device, etc., and also some measuring tools and auxiliary appliances.

  The test in covered sitemainly includes test and verify the relevant performance of road vehicle in covered site.The test items includeVehicle metal fuel tank, vehicle quality and size, tire installation, lighting equipmentinstallation, rearview mirror installation, external projection, support, anti-theft device, rear armrest, control indicator and legal indicator, etc., providing the verification and technology services as well.

2、The components and parts testing centercapability introduction

  Thecomponents and parts testing center include these products: vehicle lamp, lampbulb,various view mirrors, seat belts, seats, plastic fuel tanks, warning triangle, tires, brake blocks, horns, automotive glass, etc.The testing center provides certification tests, standard conformance tests, commissioned test and the standard advices.
We provide clients with full E/e-mark service, including make technical drawing, testing, project application,E/e-mark certification relevant work, as well as providing the technicalsupport to help the enterprises improve their scientific research ability.The certification services providing help the enterprises understand the laws and regulations better, so as to cope with the market changes elastically.

  Partial Experiment Introduction
2.1  vehicle and motorcycle lamps
(1)lamps test standard list:


  (2)lamps test items
Chrominance; photoelectricparameter; photometric characteristics; light up lamps 12 hours later, and retest; pollute headlamps and retest; cut-off line change test; mechanical wear test; coating adhesion test; low beam B50L and 50R; high beam Emax test; temperature resistant test (24~28h); chemical reagent resistance test; fuel resistance test; etc.

   2.2  Plastic fuel tank
(1)Plastic fuel tank test standards ECE R3497/24/EC-6
(2)Plastic fuel tank test items
Stress test, roll-over test, Low temperature impact test, mechanical strength test, fuel penetration test, high temperature test, combustion test.

   2.3  Seat Belt
(1)ECE R16Seat belt test standard ECE R16
(2)Seat belt test items
Seat belt retractor tests: tensile strength,withdraw force test, tilt lock test, corrosion resistance test, dust and droplet test, etc.
Buckle test: strength test, corrosion resistance test,durability test, etc.
Ribbon test: tensile strength test, wear resistance test, environment test, etc.
connector test: bolt strength test and etc.

  2.4 Motor vehicle and motorcycle rearviewmirror
(1)Rearviewmirror test standards ECE R81 R46
(2)rearview mirror test items
Size, bend test, crash test, reflectivity test, radius of curvature test,etc.

  2.5  Warning triangle
(1)ECE R27Warning triangle test standard ECE R27
(2)Warning triangletest items
Size and shape; chrominance; photometric property test; fluorescent materialbrightness coefficient; terrain clearance; structural stability test; temperature resistant test; hydrolytic resistance test; fuel resistance test; wind resisting stability test, etc.